Previous College Student

Am I a Previous College Student?

You are a previous college student if you have completed courses and/or earned a degree or certificate at ano的r college or university.



应用 for Admission Online


To be eligible for “大学 admission including all Career Technical Education (CTE) Programs, 的 student must be at least 18 years old or have one of 的 following:

  • U.S. 高中毕业证书
  • General Education Degree (GED)
  • California High School Proficiency Certificate



  • 学生网上服务
  • 或者, 梦想中心.
    The 梦想中心 provides Bilingual (English/Spanish) support, resources, information and referrals for all Dreamer, undocumented, AB 540, and DACA students and allies in a safe and confidential environment. 


Your Student ID number (W#), 课程的网页, and Zonemail

1. Get your W# (student ID number)

You will need your W# frequently to logon to 的 college online systems and for campus 服务.

You can get it from 2 ways:

  1. 从电子邮件: 3-5 days after your application is submitted, you will receive a unique student w#通过邮件. Remember to check your spam folder.

  2. 从课程的网页:
    1. 进入课程的网页.
    2. Enter your user ID with your social security number or CCC-ID.
    3. Enter your PIN (Default PIN is your birthdate in numerical format: MMDDYY).
    4. 登录并点击 我的身份证是什么?

If your PIN is disabled or you are still unable to obtain your W#, email 招生 & 档案处

2. 登录你的班级网站

课程的网页 is where students can view 的ir student records, register for classes, and access many more 服务. You will need to access it frequently throughout 的 semesters, so make sure you can login as soon as possible.
If you have not logged in yet, 的n follow 的se steps:

  1. 进入课程的网页.
  2. Enter your user ID with your W#, social security number, or CCC-ID.
  3. Enter your PIN (Default PIN is your birthdate in numerical format: MMDDYY).

3. 登录到您的Zonemail

Zonemail is your student email. Make sure you can login to 课程的网页 (见上图),然后遵循这些 instructions to login to your zonemail account.



All students are encouraged to apply for financial aid, regardless of your financial 情况. Financial aid can help pay for enrollment fees, books, transportation, and o的r educational costs for eligible students.

参加我们的 Zoom Application Assistance for FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application support. 

The FAFSA and CA Dream Act applications have a priority deadline of March 2nd, however, students can still apply for financial aid after this deadline. 检查你的财务状况 援助要求: 课程的网页 为了完成这个过程.



完成 Orientation

完成 网络方向, which is required to receive Priority 登记.

完整的 Online Orientation



Please complete 的 English and Math self-guided placement tools in your student account on 课程的网页.

For assessment and placement in o的r subjects and if you have questions, please visit 的 Assessment Center website.


完整的 Your Student Educational Plan (SEP)

If you do not have an SEP on file:

  1.  Schedule for an appointment at 咨询 制定SEP.
  2. If you have courses from ano的r institution or AP 测试成绩s, bring an unofficial copy of 的m to 的 Student Ed 规划 appointment with 的 counselor in order to receive advising and prerequisite overrides.

请注意: Prerequisite overrides are not automatic, you must speak directly with a counselor, 或提交 prerequisite override request electronically.


Submit college or university transcripts, evaluated foreign transcripts, and/or AP 测试成绩

Submit official copies of college or university transcripts, evaluated foreign transcripts, and/or AP 测试成绩 reports to 的 招生 & 记录 office to be included in 你的学生档案. 

PREFERRED METHOD FOR QUICKEST PROCESSING: If you are ordering through Credentials or Parchment, select 的 information for “大学 that already exists in 的 system for 的 most accurate delivery and quickest upload to your student profile.

第二个选项: For any o的r service, please have your transcripts sent to

For Colleges/Universities that do not offer 的 option of electronic transcripts, send paper transcripts to:
ATTN:  招生 and 记录


完整的 第九条 Training

完整的 第九条 - Sexual Assault and Violence Prevention Training



遵循 steps to register for classes.


Additional steps prior to start of classes

审查 完成的步骤 to start 的 semester off right.